Joel Harrison

  • Senior Lecturer, Sydney Law School, University of Sydney


His research and publications focus on constitutionalism, religious liberty, and human rights norms, with a particular emphasis on the relationship of these to theological ideas, questions, and history. He is the author of Post-Liberal Religious Liberty: Forming Communities of Charity (Cambridge University Press, 2020). He is a graduate of the University of Auckland and the University of Oxford and has previously held positions at Oxford, Columbia Law School, and Macquarie University.

Academic biography

Research topics

Current research topics

  1. The foundations of religious liberty, drawing from comparative case law, theology, political theory, and legal theory.
  2. Emerging themes in law and religion within Australia (how we understand rights, notions of the public, and the modes of debate).
  3. Legal understandings of sovereignty and challenges posed to it in theological thought.
  4. Emerging ideas in Christian accounts of constitutionalism.