Casey Strine

  • Senior Lecturer in Ancient Near Eastern History and Literature at the University of Sheffield


Strine studies the history, literature, and cultures of the ancient Near East, with a specialization in ancient Israel and a focus on the role of involuntary migration across the region during the Iron Age. He is the author of the award winning Sworn Enemies (Walter de Gruyter, 2013, winner of the 2015 Manfred Lautenschläger Award for Theological Promise) and When the Son of Man Didn't Come (Fortress Press, 2016). Strine is also co-director and co-curator for Back Where You Came From, an participatory action research project reading and responding to stories about involuntary migration in Genesis with people seeking asylum.

Academic biography

Research topics

  1. How can the study of migration—especially involuntary migration—aid in reconstructing the history of ancient Assyria, Babylonia, Israel, and Judah from textual sources and material culture.
  2. What impact does reading the texts of the Hebrew Bible from the perspective of an involuntary migrant have on their meaning, their contribution to constructive theology, to Christian ethics, and to political engagement by faith communities.

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